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Learn the secrets to making gorgeous buttercream flowers!


Registration $35

Come take a virtual seat in my kitchen with me as we work together on this buttercream autumn wreath! By completing this project, you will learn all the techniques and steps to continue creating your own buttercream masterpieces!

We'll cover:

  • How to design and plan a color palette for your cake

  • Adjust buttercream consistency for piping (You get a copy of my own buttercream recipe!)

  • Mixing colors with buttercream

  • How to pipe leaves, roses, daisies, and dahlias

  • Arranging flowers on a cake

You will also recieve a copy of the beautiful class E-Book that summarizes and walks through each step of the class!

Class video is accessed within a private class facebook group, and the recording of the live will continue to be available to students. Students will be responsible for providing and preparing their own materials to follow along at home.

Required Materials:

-6 Decorating/Piping Bags

-Tips #104, #4, #16

-Rose Nail

-6 Couplers

-Buttercream (recipe provided!)

-Small parchment paper squares for piping (about 50)

-Wilton 8 count Icing Color Kit


-Bowls and spoons for color mixing 

-An iced cake, cake board, or cake dummy

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