A simple and easy guide to getting beautiful pics of your cake creations! 

You will NOT need: a fancy camera, expensive lighting, previous photography knowledge.

You WILL need: a gmail account and facebook account

Online Class and Livestream Q&A will be August 26th 2020

at 6pm MST.


Registration is $18 (includes lifetime access to class instruction video, participation in class live Q&A, and class e-booklet guide summarizing everything we go over!) 


This is a class taught BY a baker FOR bakers! Class will cover how to pick a spot in your house for pictures, how to utilize the light that is available to you (easier than you think!), how to set up for a shot, how to edit using free apps, and how to adjust the set up for a taller cake, as well as how to adjust and shoot cake pics at 2am when that's the only time your able to!

Register For Class
Once I receive this registration form I will contact you about payment method and then you'll be all set!

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